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About the book

"Psalm 68:11 speaks prophetically of a great host´, or army, of women being released to proclaim the Word of God. It is time for us, as women, to be unveiled as the mighty warriors we are.
"We are part of an end-time army destined to bring in the greatest harvest of all time. We are called to change nations, person by person and family by family. 

"I believe that Father God is blowing upon His girls in this hour, with a gentle, yet powerful wind. He is breathing life into this valley of dry bones, and as He does, an army will arise. As Father God blows, the false perceptions concerning our identity, which we have received from the enemy, the church, and even ourselves, will be removed, and we will stand as His mighty servants.
"Women, it is our hour to rise up and become all that God has destined us to be. It is time for an army of women to be released throughout the earth, an army that will not be intent on seeking its own glory but, rather, on preparing the way for the Bridegroom, Jesus. This will not be an army of feminists, but of breathtakingly feminine warriors who will fight side by side with men, a host of women who are ferocious when it comes to opposing the enemy’s powers, while at the same time being clothed with the cloak of humility and gentleness toward others. We are destined to be like nothing ever seen before, and now is the time for God’s secret weapon to be unleashed.
"You may never have thought of yourself as being capable of being a warrior. Perhaps that is even a frightening and threatening concept for you. But deep within you resides a lioness, and she wants out. This book is a war cry directed to the women of God, a cry for them to enter into battle and embrace their destiny, a cry for freedom for God’s princesses. Now is your hour, mighty women of God.
"Will you heed the cry of the Father’s heart:
Warrior Women, Arise?"


Amanda Goransson