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Reviews - Warrior Women arise

Read this book and realized that this is all about Gods heart for me and every other woman who is struggling to meet the churches expectations. IT IS possible to fight with a child on my hip and with a sword in the other hand. Go girls! God is counting with us today and in the battle to come!

- Mia Christiansson

This WONDERFUL book EMBRACED me with the love of God, lifted me and helped me focus on the Lord - my daddy. As a busy, tired mother of seven kids I just didn\'t need more obligations, more \"should do\"s. But this book helped me remembering and discovering more and more that the relationship with my father and the accompanied warriorship is a relief, and blessing, a gift, a help and not a burdensome obligation. I needed this book so badly! It is in fact one of three books, except the outsstanding Bible of course, about which I can say that it really has changed my views and ways in a life-turning way. It helped me to raise up again for me, my family and others around me. The world: children, men and women, badly need many more warrior women today. Whether you see yourself as one or not, read the book and I\'m sure you\'ll see the blessing of joining this heavenly army. Thanks for writing it, Amanda!

- Linda

This book is birhted for this present time when God Himself is calling His women to His Presence to encourage and empower them for His Divine Task. The women were the first to discover that Jesus was Risen and they became the Prophetic Forerunners telling the Good News. Let this book encourage, teach and empower you. You will find heavenly treasures in it, if you search with an open and hungry heart! I think that Amanda has been one of the forerunners so we receive her and her Divine call as a gift from God for a time like this. God bless you to find the Revelation and Secrets in this book that were given just for you! Ulla-Gitt Gelefson

- Ulla-Gitt Gelefson

I consider this to be one of the finest books I have had the privilege of working with over the past several years. Amanda has done her research, she has been sensitive to those with opposing viewpoints, and more importantly, she has heard from Heaven. This book will bless you - men and women alike.

- Harold McDougal, Editor and Publisher
Amanda, my niece, is a very caring person and has written an inspiring book. If you are a woman who is a little lost in life, please read her book to find the inspiration she has found.
- Jenny Goodger

I can hardly put it down. Its speaks loud and clear to the woman who has the yearning desire to rise up and be everything God has destined her to be. Amanda Goransson definitely has insight into the calling on women\'s lives, and addresses it with simplicity, yet profoundly. She will powerfully stir you to rise up and become the warrior woman God has destined you to become.

- L Eaton
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